Jersey Iron-On ID Kit

Jersey Iron-On ID Kit

Part Number:11-82130

The Jersey Iron-On ID Kit includes 3" tall letters and 7.5" numbers that will work on light or dark jerseys and, in most cases have enough to do two jerseys.

Kit includes the following:

Quantity 6 - E's, O's

Quantity 5 - T's

Quantity 4 - #1's, #2's, A's, B's, C's, I's, L's, M's, N's, P's, R's, S's

Quantity 3 - #3's, D's, F's, G's, U's

Quantity 2 - #4's, #5's, #6's, #7's, #8's, #9's, #0's, H's, J's, K's, Q's, W's, X's, Y's, Z's

dashes, apostrophes, periods, small C's, and FX Logos