Factory Effex has long roots in Motocross and real soul. It started with a true love for the sport of motocross. Factory Effex was there at the start of motocross in the USA. Way back in 1967 when I was a spectator at some of the very first motocross races in the US. Castaic, Hopetown, and Westlake Village was where the Europeans lapped most of the U.S. riders. When I turned pro, I was on the ground floor of racing with the Europeans like DeCoster, Robert, Wiel, Hallman, Hansen, Everts, Mikkola, Karsmakers, and the great U.S. stars like Lackey, Weinert, the Jones brothers, Desoto, Chaplin, and Semics to name just a few. I was at the forefront of the riders from the U.S. who began beating the Europeans on a regular basis, and in essence, shaping motocross in the U.S. as you know it today. I won the 250cc class at the Carlsbad U.S.G.P. the very same year Marty Moats beat all the Europeans. Eventually the U.S. Nationals replaced the Trans-AMA series, and when Supercross was born I even managed to take the top spot on the podium for the 500 class in the very first Supercross held at the L.A. Coliseum, back in 1972. Factory Effex officially started in 1992 with a line of graphics (which at the time were looked at more as protection for your plastic than as pieces of art I consider our current products to be). The graphic industry was soon born, and I'm proud to say that we were there from the beginning. We love this sport and we love what we do. Nearly everyone in our organization rides, from the warehouse crew to the art department to sales and marketing and senior management. Roots. History. Passion. It's what drives us. Thank you for supporting Factory Effex. Bryar Holcomb Founder and President Factory Effex, Inc.