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Orange Hose Kit
Orange Hose Kit

KTM Engine Hose Kits

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The Factory Effex KTM Engine Hose Kits are made with style and improved functionality.

Designed with an exclusive blend of reinforced, woven Thermoplastic and Pure Silicone materials to form the highest quality engine hoses. This improves water flow and can withstand temperatures of up to 420 degrees. We integrated a unique inner liner made from an HDPE coating, that improves and increases the flow of liquids, which offers improved cooling for your race bike.

We have also created "Y" type kits that eliminate the plastic fitting found on most late model motocross engines that can melt under extreme heat, which can cause
engine failure.

Available in a multitude of colors to give your bike that factory look along with factory function.

+ Woven Thermoplastic / Silicone outer shell
+ HDPE inner liner for improved water flow and cooling
+ Vibrant factory colors
+ Y- kits that eliminates the plastic fitting that can melt in extreme conditions
+ Perfect fitment with easy installation
+ Reduced weight
+ Improves engine cooling

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